Evisu A/W 2010: The Rebirth

Since our interview with Scott Morrison Evisu’s new CEO & Team few months ago, we have been waiting to bring you the preview of their Autumn/Winter ‘10 collection. Evisu will introduce two distinct men’s denim and sportswear collections under the Evisu and new Evisu Genes labels.

Both are menswear collections. The Evisu line’s price points range from $195 to $595 retail while Evisu Genes is even more accessible ranging from $145 to $295. Debuting this Autumn at selected premium retailers. More details below:


The debut of men’s sportswear marks Evisu’s transition into an all-encompassing lifestyle brand revamped with Morrison’s aesthetic. The denim collections provide much of the insight into the new direction of the brand, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and heritage.

– Each unique piece (t-shirts, wovens, knits, jacket, trousers, outwear, hats) incorporates a “Reference” to an iconic era, style or trend.

  • Navy Deck Jacket references 1944 WWII Standard Issue Navy Pea-Coat (see “Navy Deck Jacket” image)
  • Workwear Shirt references 1929 Workwear Blazer, a uniform of the working man since the Great Depression (see “Workwear Shirt” image)
  • Waxed Overcoat references European high-design uniforms, known for their streamlined silhouettes and multifunctional pockets (see “Waxed Overcoat” image)

– The tonal branding and discrete logo are examples of the brand’s transition.
– Special care and attention was given to additional detailing, such as the reference to blood types in the clothing tag. It is a nod to the Japanese belief that blood types are indicative of  personalities, character and compatibility with others (similar to horoscopes in US).


– The Evisu genes label offers a more contemporary, fashion forward look for an edgier consumer.
– T-shirt, wovens, denim and outwear offer innovative designs that can be mixed and matched for a layering effect (see Nagahori/Takaida look)

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