Everland Hotel in Paris


Created by Swiss couple Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, the portable Everland Hotel is a ‘ Temporary ‘Art Installation you can sleep in,  installed on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo ( Contemporary Art Museum of Paris) since October 2007 until March 2009. The clients who rents the room have an unbelievable view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower… So Chic !


The Hotel looks like a space ship, and if you walking around the museum you cannot miss it. There is few interesting facts about this project: First its possible to reserve it only two month before your chosen reservation date. Second, you can receive guest only until midnight ! (Cinderella Style !).


The price is not really expensive, if you have the chance to find an open date: 333 Euros ($420) during the week and 444 Euros ($560) for the weekend (for 2 people). Last thing to know is the reservation page appear only randomly on the site (and its now in auction for the last nights), which means, that you have to wait in front of your computer until the reservation window appear. A lot of clients has been frustrated by the system, and called the museum, desperate for wasn’t being able to rent a night…


These are the words of one great artist. He said that...‘‘The Everland Hotel is a schizophrenic object. It is a hotel and a work of art at one and the same time. The two entities do not fuse into one; each keeps its autonomy. Now is not the time for utopias joining the different fields of knowledge in one grand unifying principle.