Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle: Talk About It

Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle’s “Talk About It” brings up main issue in between two lovers. Doubts, indecision, anxiety and everything else that comes up in a long beginning of an affair. “This girl doesn’t love people first, so don’t celebrate, she’s over you in just a minute” … The song’s first line expresses the feeling of uncertainty that prevails for an entire 3 minutes. But then comes a moment where rationality is put on hold, to let feelings freely flow, “I don’t wanna talk about it, no. Then nothing would be beautiful between us”.  Still, the classic case of doubt between two human beings is the main theme of the song.


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Hassle, 25, is Swedish, and is back in Los Angeles after a two year hiatus, currently working on an album. He’s been on the game since 2008 with the single “Hurtful”, which topped charts in Swedish and Denmark. In early 2010, Hassle toured with Mika and released an EP of cover songs,  entitled The Hassle Sessions: Volume One. Relationships seem to be the main subject of his work. We can’t wait for his next album!