Empire of The Sun: Alive

      2. Empire Of The Sun - Alive

Legend or short lived, a musical comeback is perhaps a bigger deal than the breakthrough. From Stones to Postal Service, every inch of getting back into the sound after even just 5 years is all ebb and flow. For the post-psychedelic of Empire, no problem. The epic return of Empire of The Sun, Ice On The Dune (Astralwerks) goes down on June 18 and a sliver of what lies ahead in this dance-disco, indie-pop refresher is without a doubt, Alive. If their musical reappearance is with their second album, than expect nothing short of their first wave and a notch up. With corresponding vocals to We Are The People and their distinctly arid flair, the Aussie pair, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, light up round two with a bit more EDM and a lot more adventure, starting with this first single.


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