Emmanuelle Moureaux Communicates With 100 Colors

Emmanuelle Moureaux is a French architect who moved to Tokyo to pursue what she describes as shikiri. The term shikiri, coined by Moureaux, is a made up word meaning, “dividing and creating space through colors.” This is precisely what Moureaux has pursued and achieved ever since her first visit to Tokyo, which inspired her quest to create shikiri. By using color as a tactile centerpiece instead of an accent, Moureaux hopes to create emotionally charged spaces that speak to her audience. She urges visitors to connect with her work by identifying and connecting with their favorite color.


To mark the 10 year anniversary of her studio, Moureaux launched the 100 Colors series. This installation features gradations of 100 colors that compose a vibrant space by occupying it as well as dictating the energy throughout. Moureaux has featured the 100 Colors series in cities across the world, hopefully inspiring others to think of color in the context of shikiri and not as a mere accessory to design, art and architecture.







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