Spit Gold

Emily Kai Bock: Spit Gold Under An Empire

You probably remember the video for Grimes’ “Oblivion” which was a online sensation last year.

Spit Gold

It was directed by Toronto born Emily Kai Bock, who’s part of New American Noise Documentary project series presented by Nokia.  The series showcases the new guard of young talent and singular sounds in American music today in 6 different cities. “Spit Gold Under An Empire” takes place in New York on Brooklyn’s underground rap scene. It features Mykki Blanco, Angel Haze and C.J Fly explaining the city’s hip-hop avant-garde, on fire at the moment and probably the most authentic and unique musical movement of the last couple of years. Check out Emily’s cut below which with no surprise came out amazingly beautiful.

Spit Gold Under An Empire on Nowness.com.

Emily’s fine arts background and singular vision seen on earlier short docs and music videos she used to make with her local musician friends made her work with artists such as Grizzly Bear and Sebastian Schuller also moving into commercial creating a beautiful piece for Coca-Cola and Now documentaries. Keep an eye on her.

For more information, visit www.emilykaibock.com