emeli sande heaven

Emeli Sandé: Heaven

emeli sande heaven


As the novelty fades on the overload of tropical vacation tunes, and ethereal samplers this year, the music industry migrates back to pop, pining for the next sure success. Capitol Record’s Emeli Sandé is just the answer. Playing with a power close to Mary J Blige and Florence Welch, the Scottish singer is blazing up the UK charts with 2012’s biggest selling album. She hits heights of gospel and soul at the heart of power pop, a unique intensity rarely found. Mostly urban visuals and themes of illness and socioeconomic differences serve as background for her videos, displaying the fine-lined dichotomy of the beautiful, and ugly moments in a city.


No doubt her initial breeding for the world of medicine, and four years of medical school broadened her lens for lyrics and grasped topics of love in hard times and fallacy of being perfect. It’s a humanistic quality that makes her song de force so emotional, and therefore draws you close.


Get to know Emeli. She should be making her way to worldwide airwaves soon.