ELOHIM SS2010 : Bod Mod

ELOHIM‘s Spring Summer 2010 inspiration sprouted from people’s obsession with body modification thus the collection features much material elongation and amalgamation.

Zips give the wearer the capability to change items completely and simply, cutting and shredding give a texture implying both strength and vulnerability. An array of studded denim washes make one feel dangerous and, in turn, safe from harm. Collars and lapels vary with zips, layers, and asymmetry. There are smartly sculpted and draped dresses, blazers, vests, shirts, and even a random frill here and there. Fitted high-waisted hotpants are contrasted adjacent to loose gathered-top shorts. Fringe is rather abundant in this season’s collection, added in places one would never expect. As is usual for Sabrina Goh, blacks, whites, and greys make up the main color scheme. However, this time some light earthy tones are thrown in as well as pastel pinks and blues. Bowties are introduced as accessories for both females and males and the last few outfits are easily androgynous.

In addition to the official campaign photographs, the following are some of ELOHIM’s ready-to-wear outfits for SS2010.

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Look book images photographed by Sazeli Jalal