Ellie Goulding : Starry Eyed

Want to be the cool one later this year that gets to say “oh I had this months ago” when people are raving about this new artist they have discovered? Well now is your chance! Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to a new genre called folktronica and the sexiness that is Ellie Goulding. This British singer and guitarist is in my opinion one of the most promising new talents of the decade, and I’m not the only one that thinks so because she was chosen as BBC’s #1 “Sound of 2010″. It’s a list that highlights the most exciting musical talent for the coming year and as they put it “if Kate Bush, Bjork and Stevie Nicks shared a flat in 2009, but were a little bit more sane, this noise would emerge”. She sounds delicate and strong, ethereal yet raw. Basically if her voice were edible I would be obese. With that said be on the lookout for her debut album scheduled to drop sometime in march but in the meantime crank up the volume and enjoy!

Listen to “Starry Eyed”  here

[mp3j track=”Ellie-Goulding-Starry-Eyed.mp3″]