Elle Muliarchyk’s Self Portraits

Self Portraits for Bella Freud

Elle Muliarchyk is a fearless guerrilla style photographer whose method has gotten her in all breeds of trouble. But if you think that being mugged to bareness and nearly arrested has made her more reserved to the danger and spontaneity that feeds her adrenaline, you are mistaken. Here I have selected works from two projects of Muliarchyk that are just fantastic. The first group is a newer, self-produced (from A – Z), series commissioned by Bella Frued. While the second group is her Dressing Room series, which she was discovered by.

In Bella Freud’s series Elle depicts a very ethereal aesthetic, which is one of  her signature characteristics. Here lighting in all of these shots is brilliant.

Dressing Room : Self Portraits

Muliarchyk Dressing Room series, is what reeled me in to begin with. Sneaking all these shots of herself in New York’s most luxurious boutiques and arriving to these results, simple makes me smile.  A one-man production, has never looked so pro!