Elle Muliarchyk’s “Designing our Fortunes”

Early this year we featured the captivating self-portraits of photographer Elle Muliarchyk. She just sent us her latest work, an editorial she called “Designing our Fortunes” featuring model Meghan Collison. The images will be featured in Dossier Journal any day now, so enjoy the preview.

“I wanted to explore how our exterior- our outer “shell” can affect and help us design our fortunes – literally and metaphorically – but in a fun way. Meghan Collison had to undergo more than 10 dramatic transformations and pay visits to 12 psychics in NYC and Brooklyn. I wanted her to take on some of the common NYC/Universal archetypes that a woman usually tries to establish with clothing she wears. She was and “upper east side  lady”, “hippie”, “goth girl”, “stewardess”, and many more. Each of those psychics thought that she was a completely different character and told her a completely different fortune!”