Electric Wire Hustle : They Don’t Want

Although Electric Wire Hustle have yet to really blow up on the music scene, the New Zealand trio made up of David ‘TaayNinh’ Wright (instrumentalist/producer), Mara TK (vocals/guitarist/turntablist/producer), and Myele Manzanza (percussion) has undoubtedly established themselves as a unique and innovative act.  With influences spanning from contemporary artists such as J Dilla, PPP, and Sa-Ra to the classics like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Charles Mingus and Funkadelic and the Doors their sound is an amazing development of Hip Hop, Soul, and R&B. ’They Don’t Want’, off their album Every Waking Hour (released in September of 2009), is a new school soul anthem that perfectly depicts the crazy talent and soul behind Electric Wire Hustle. Enjoy

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      1. 12 They Don't Want

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Electric Wire Hustle