Elad Lassry Art

Elad Lassry is a high conceptual artist from Tel Aviv living in Los Angeles, exhibiting all over the world. He was a film student and carried on with visual arts, which really impacted his work. He has a gift for disrupting the situation and put the unexpected forward in portraiture or everyday life situations. He is fascinated by the collapse of histories but also by “the confusion that results when there is something just slightly wrong in a photograph“, he explains. His work is gripping and appears to be common commercial photography at first glance but his techniques of blurs, harsh colors, double exposure and his unanticipated combinations make it gripping, making us having a new fascinated eye on it. The 303 Gallery in New York is exhibiting his new work and the Opening Ceremony will take place Thurdsay 12th September, check the event here!

See Elad Lassry’s new exhibition, opening tomorrow at 303 Gallery
507 W 24 Street New York, NY 10011