E Castillo

Eduardo Castillo : Musical Storyteller

Venezuelan-born, Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Eduardo Castillo is infamous for his improvisational live remixing and eclectic sounds. Castillo has several releases and commissions on the groundbreaking label Crosstown Rebels and is the founder of legendary VOODOO and GYPSET events in Los Angeles.


His musical beginnings stem from the study of orchestration, opera and minimalism, reflecting his passion for contemporary and classical composers. With that, Eduardo’s sounds are mystical, diverse, and carry certain nostalgia in them. That nostalgia can quickly turn into a story, as his fresh and unique approach carry you through many waves of dynamics, textures, and emotions.


Castillo believes in the intention of each track, rarely playing something that doesn’t have a meaning. His sets are melodic journeys, as he layers the musical with the technical and the surreal with the real.


The best way to get to know him? Tune in to his exclusive mixtape for Trendland, sit back, and enjoy.



For more from Eduardo Castillo, www.soundcloud.com/eduardocastillo


Post by Jade Moyano