The Eclectic Puro Hotel [Gdansk]

Industrial and nautical influences intertwine inside the eclectic Puro Hotel in Gdansk, Poland. The city that is going through a period of cultural revival is a new hotspot on travelers’ map.

Located right by Motlawa river, the hotel stands on a Granary Island severely destroyed during the World War II. The architecture reflects upon the past – the narrow building is topped with a sloping glass roof. You can see the light entering the high lobby that feels almost like a courtyard. This architectural solution gives you a real sense of hotel’s scale and showcases the variety of materials used in the hotel – from glass through concrete to bricks that correspond with the surrounding architecture of the Old Town.

The interior was conceived by DeSallesFlint. The London-design studio has imagined a truly eclectic mix of design elements. Classicism and elegance of furniture by  Vitra, Carl Hansen & Son or Moroso meet with an impressive streetart piece by Seiko. Leather chairs and pastel sofas surround marble tables displaying chunky art albums and design magazines the guests are invited to explore in multiple communal spaces.

One of Puro’s greatest assets is the diversity of spaces it encloses. One can devote to multiple activities such a dining, co-working or lounging. There is a Dancing Anchor restaurant, a SPA and a rooftop bar where one can catch a glimpse of Gdansk old rooftops. An adjacent building that features over 200 guest rooms includes another courtyard that allowed to design rooms with  different views. Some overlook city’s landscape, some offer a glimpse of hotel’s glasshouse-like corridor.

Puro is not only a beautiful, contemporary space, it is also a connection to the city. Walking out of the lobby for a stroll down the cobble streets surrounded with narrow brick houses, you can feel the hotel is a modern continuation of Gdansk’s design tradition. A space that proves the creative potential of history that might have been difficult, but was never forgotten.

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