Dulux Campaign: Change Your Story


The latest TV ad campaign for Dulux Paint, titled “Prohibition”, is gorgeous! It is the story of a woman living in a world where color has been banned, but finds it way back, in the most dramatic way possible… Below is a sneak preview of the extended 80 second Directors’ Cut which will not be aired on TV.

Based on the idea that our lives are stories and that color can change the way they unfold, the new campaign adopts a more emotional approach than previous adverts. Taking stylistic cues from prohibition America, the film tells the story of a couple who find love through color and demonstrates the transformative power that color has on people’s lives.



Shot in South Africa by award-winning duo Christian and Patrick, the epic story is brought to life by an array of film-making talent. Set and costume design overseen by Production Designer Richard Lassalle(Eminem’s My Name is Slim Shady) was captured on film by DOP Benoit Delhomme (Mark Herman’s The Boy in the Striped Pajamas).




More information at www.dulux.co.uk/changeyourstory