Drink Cocktails in a Cave While the Waves Crash Below [Menorca]

If you find yourself on the southern side of the beautiful island of Menorca – the little sister to Mallorca in Spain, chances are the locals will tell you about Cova d’en Xoroi. Find it near the resort town of Cala en Porter and perched high up on rocky cliffs above crystal clear waters. This is a place like no other.

Entering the ‘cova’ or cave, you descend down a series of vertigo-inducing stairs wrapped around a cliff face to find a series of interconnecting caves carved out of the rock.

One can sip cocktails on dreamy daybeds overlooking the Mediterranean, or explore the hidden passageways and covert booths throughout. The sunsets are the main attraction, lighting up the natural limestone formations and highlighting the turquoise and indigo colours of the seas below.

After the sun goes down the ambient tracks pick up the pace and the laid back bar is turned into a nightclub… for those who want to watch the sun come up again.

Written by Nadia Woodhouse