DOM : Living In America

Hey… I know a lot of you were let down by MGMT’s follow up effort, but it’s OK!… They have been replaced and you just didn’t know about it until now. DOM is a five piece from Worcester, Massachusetts and other than the fact that their lead singer goes by the name of DOM, there isn’t much else known about the band.About a month ago they released a very infectious EP entitled Sun Bronzed Greek Gods and while gaining support from big-hitter blogs such as Pitchfork, I don’t know why these guys aren’t huge yet. Their track “Living In America” could easily replace “Electric Feel” and we would never have to mention MGMT’s name again. It’s a lo-fi synth pop gold nugget and has the catchiest chorus you will hear all year… “It’s so sexy, to be living in America”. If this isn’t the song of the summer it’s only because your aren’t opening you ears wide enough!

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      1. DOM - Living In America

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