Django Django Cover Art

Django Django: Hail Bop

Django Django Cover ArtThe self-titled debut album of Django Django has been as elusive as a unicorn for anyone who caught glimpses of the the Scottish quartet’s synth-pop throughout the beginning of this year. Thus far, the withheld album has been praised and previewed sparingly via leaks and limited releases, but has yet to be fully released. Upbeat, electronic melodies heard in “Default,” “Storm,” and “Love’s Dart” snuck off the record revealing the band’s dreamy beach-like quality depicting a happy-go-lucky youth–so, why wouldn’t listeners want more than a tease?


“Hail Bop” is the newest and last track to sneak off the album before its August 14th launch date, and plays up a Cut Copy-meets-Beach Boys sound, which surprisingly is as unique as it is well-done.



The video accompaniment, directed by Daniel Swan, features Django Django singer/guitarist, Vinnie Neff caught in a cosmic world that any Nintendo 64 veteran would recognize. The abstract concept came from the mind of their drummer (and video producer), David Maclean. It is what you might imagine a computer generator’s heaven might look like: All on a grid, the video features a psychedelic universe of swirly terrains, glowing horizons, and a mansion in space to house world-class cars and a leisurely lifestyle. Enjoy and happy Friday!