Distant Relatives : Patience

First and foremost, this album has had so much hype surrounding it’s release that it’s absurd. Phrases like “one of the best albums of all time” have been uttered since the first leak surfaced. I’m not going to make any such claims but I will say this, it’s a great freaking album. Distant Relatives is a collaboration between rap legend NAS and reggae’s own son Damian Marley. The production was handled by Damian and his brother Stephen, who himself is an amazing and accomplished reggae musician.

While listening to Distant Relatives it becomes quickly indisputable that what these two artists have done is to actually take the time and create an entire album. From start to finish there are no filler tracks or easy pop riffs.  For me it was so refreshing to hear lucrative artists taking time to creat music with a purpose. In the way all great duos should work there is an undeniable chemistry between these two that has resulted in this wonderful album. Damien’s voice is the perfect compliment to NAS’ rap.

The song “Patience” slows down a sample from Amadou & Mariam‘s “Sabali” and creates a wonderfully hypnotic track that seems to teeter between the light hearted feel on the songs surface and the more serious content found in the lyrics.

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      1. 11_ Patience

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Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley