Discovering The Wonders Of Amsterdam At Pulitzer Hotel

Elegance, modernity and eclecticism. To speak about Pulitzer just in terms of its design would be an understatement. This unique hotel located by Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht canal is an architectural illustration of city’s history.

It was Peter Pulitzer, a grandson of Joseph Pulitzer, who has discerned the hidden potential of narrow canal houses. Back in the 1960s, he purchased twelve of them with an eye to create Amsterdam’s first five-star hotel. Now, Pulitzer is a maze of over 25 old houses, connected by glass corridors and hidden passages. Courtyards were turned into secluded gardens where guests can enjoy a quiet lunch and observe the diversity of capital’s urban landscape. Houses made of red and grey bricks stand alongside simple, white ones, merging into an eclectic mix of the modern and the past.

Pulitzer’s interiors give a similar impression. The hotel underwent a complete renovation last year under the direction of South African designer, Jacu Strauss. Allegedly, he has spent one night in each of hotel’s over 200 rooms to create a common thread between the apartments. Antiques meet with millennial pink velvet sofas and marble tables. Paintings in a Dutch Golden Age style hang right next to modern graphics. No room or corridor is same and it is the multiplicity of experiences that makes Pulitzer more than just another luxury hotel. Guest can choose between standard rooms and themed suites dedicated to antique, book, art or music collectors. Inside, one can find plenty of discrete décor elements that remind of Dutch design tradition such as wood ceiling panels reminiscent of old mills or vintage cabinets.

The hotel itself is a space of exploration. You will find yourself more likely to take another hidden staircase rather than a lift. Whether you’re heading for a drink at an old-school Pulitzer’s Bar or a dinner at restaurant Jansz, serving delicious European kitchen with a modern twist, be sure to reserve some time for wandering around and discovering Pulitzer’s wonders. An ultimate recommendation? A private, vintage boat tour around Amsterdam’s canals that is an enlightening travel back in time, demonstrating the complexity and beauty of city’s water traffic.

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