Discovering Malta’s Eclectic Spirit at Valetta Vintage

When arriving in Malta, it is advised to leave all the preconceptions about this little island in between Europe and Africa. Its eclectic character will surprise you. It is a cultural hybrid of Italy, Greece, England and Arab countries – a mix well-reflected in the interiors of Valetta Vintage.

A collection of vintage apartments right in the heart of Valetta (the European Capital of Culture 2018) and Birgu offers unique accommodation that helps to grasp cultural diversity of the capital. Established back in 2012 by a local architect Chris Briffa, Valetta Vintage now counts five beautiful apartments filled with artworks, one-off furniture and flea market finds to finish off the décor.

Located just around the corner of the St Elmo Fort on Republic Street, the rentals are close to Valetta’s old cobbled street dating back to the 16th century. The city, ruled successively by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and the Arabs, is a cave of inspiration. Looking out of Valetta Vintage’s oriel windows called ‘gallarijas’, you can see it all. Still, themed apartments differ in character, aiming to embrace city’s complexity. In the Atelier, one can enjoy the minimalistic interior complemented with cream & pink tiles. Library is a warm, timber & steel space for book and magazine lovers. A Retro Pad is an ultimate paradise for vintage furniture hunters, featuring restored gems from various decades of the 20th century.

Observing Valetta’s daily life, from early morning traffic to afternoon siestas and the lively atmosphere of late evenings, is a great pleasure once you accommodate yourself at Valetta Vintage’s rooftop terrace. Far away from the crowds, the place offers an alternative holiday experience where your curiosity guides you. There is more than enough time to observe the limestone building structures, the opposite banks of Silema or Birgu and the ferries crossing the bays of the Mediterranean. Since one of the greatest joys of vacation is to taste the local lifestyle, you will find it at Valetta Vintage.

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