Disco Ruido: Mrs. Love

Listen to “Mrs. Love” Here

      1. 01 Mrs. Love

Another Trendland daily song exported out of Mexico for your listening pleasure. Que bueno! Disco Ruido describes themselves as Mexican electronic rock with a dash of “emotronic.” Yes, emotronic. But, to the dismay of their emo, little hearts, I would call their track “Mrs. Love” perfectly pop-like–a bit hip-hop and a lot a bit of a catchy. The tune, which delightfully samples The Beatles’ “You Know My Name,” is no new comer to the music blogosphere. In fact, the single was released through a campaign called “Love Revolution” which made Disco Ruido the first Mexican band to top The Hype Machine’s popularity chart. Nonetheless, it deserves far more of an attention spotlight from music lovers than it has received thus far and it remains one of their biggest hits.

Singer, Mercedes Nasta’s vocals latch on to an indie sound, stirring up the pop pot, with a uniquely beautiful rasp about them. And a tranquilized flow session by a fellow member breaks up the fetching hook. The group of 5, started by Julian Placencia with fellow DJs and friends Nariño Tierno and Peto, is represented by major label, EMI, and has some easy-listen’ grooves coming your way.

So, keep an open ear. Hope you enjoy this one here. [That rhymes.]