Diez Company is Taking over Mexico with Impressive Lighting Installations

Trendland just came back from a wonderful trip to Mexico City where we got introduced to Maison Diez – The second edition of Diez Company lighting installation during Mexico City Design Week.

Founded by Rodrigo Fernández (right), this year Maison Diez was setup in an impressive and typical 1965 Mexico City building. With more than 40 of the most important lighting design companies were represented, brands like Tom Dixon, Bocci, Pentalight, Roll & Hill, Lee Broom, Marset, Bover, Andlight and Matthew McCormick amongst other younger and contemporary designers.

The immersive installations of these high-end lighting designers were integrated with extraordinary plants and flowers by Arlette Salas of Floral Architecture, creating a beautiful atmosphere, special for each corner.

During the entire week, some of the best talents in the world of architecture, art, interior design and the creative world, were present to give life to a project that has become The biggest reference of lighting design in Mexico!

All the wonderful photographs were shot by Ema Peter 

lights by Pentalight

All flowers & plants by Floral Architecture