Diesel Sneakers FW10 [sponsored post]

Does the world need another running shoe? Probably not. Unlike other sneakers, Diesel Sneakers aren’t made for running. You run when you’re scared. Scared of gaining weight, of being late, or that something bad will happen to you. But Diesel is stupid, and stupid isn’t scared of anything. [watch video below]

So what are these sneakers made for? Well, they are great for kicking ass. And believe us, a lot of people deserve to have their asses kicked! Third world dictators, women who won’t pick up their dog’s poop off the streets, or dentists who recommend toothpastes on TV, to name a few.

Diesel introduces the newest line of sneakers with a breakthrough approach: featuring instructions on how to use sneakers for kicking the right asses, the campaign has a strong digital approach. But it doesn’t end just in Facebook and the blogs. Diesel also unearthed an ass-kicking machine from the Bolshevik Revolution. And they wrote a letter to the Olympic Committee to have ass-kicking accepted as an Olympic discipline in London 2012. All these incredible efforts can be found in the Sneakers FW’10 catalogue, which will be available in stores as of now.

The FW10 season of sneakers features two key families: the “Claw”, inspired by the very original Diesel sneakers from way back then, and the “Treatments”. The “Claw” is characterized by a side strap (or “claw” – which is the iconic symbol of Diesel sneakers) and materials such as washed suede, nylon and a combination of matte and patent leather. The “Treatments” family includes embroidered logos, customized soles, and treated fabrics. All these details convey the Diesel know-how into the world of sneakers. All of them have their own strengths for taking your message to your ass of choice!

Shot in Buenos Aires by Nacho Ricci, the campaign was developed by the Argentinean agency, Santo, jointly with the Diesel Creative Team.

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