die antwoord

Die Antwood vs. Enya: Orinoco Flow

die antwoord

Die Antwoord x Enya’s “Orinoco Flow”… could there be a better combo? No.

      1. Die Antwoord vs Enya Orinoco Ninja Flow

Cape Town’s duo Die Antwoord bring an intense and progressive lyrical style unique to a budding electro and dub scene south of the equator. Die Antwoord is either a love or hate type of group. Typically aggressive and in-you-face rave-rap electro/dub sounds are a little intimidating at first, but I think Die Antwoord have done this remix right. Raunchy, hostile and x-rated lyrics are masked by Enya’s soothing backtrack of “Orinoco Flow”. Personally, I think they did Enya a favor… the song has more substance and once monotonous repetition is now a soothing contrast to the Die Antwoord vulgarity we all can’t get enough of. Sail away motherfuckers.