Diddo On “The Cure For Greed”

Whether we like to admit it or not, greed is one human emotion we all will face at some point. Conceptual artist Diddo has used this observation as the premise for his latest work, “The Cure For Greed”. Using an intricate chemical separation process, the artist extracted and recovered pigment from $10,000 of US currency, individually dosed at 5ml in crimp-sealed medical vials, and paired it with an injection kit, complete with a 24-karat gold syringe, two gold plated needles and packaged into custom monogrammed mahogany or walnut box.  Watch the amazing video, and see what Diddo had to say about the project below.

The Cure for Greed – The making of from Diddo on Vimeo.

TL: What inspired you do create this project?
DV: I am inspired by human behavior, specifically human behavior that seems irrational or antiquated.  In this case the world seems to be fixated on our present woes, and the clear human behavior at its core seems a good starting point for discussion.

TL: Will obtaining the kit help someone alleviate their greed?
DV: Absolutely, though whether they are willing to accept the “unfortunate side effect” remains the question.   My main point is that we are humans and that this human behavior, which has served our species so well throughout history is still an inseparable part of who we are.  In the end, a cure free from side effects has to be invented and must be found, to do that we need to start thinking a little more about who we are and what we want to become.

TL: Is greed innate in human biology?
DV: This is a big philosophical question, after all “what makes a human a human” has been a few thousand years in discussion and no one seems to agree on that one yet.  It may be innate, but if the urge goes un-acted upon, is it real?  So…Yes and No as far as I understand it.  I think that it may be a little tilted to think of “greed” as a sin with no redeeming value whatsoever.  As they say “One man’s sin is another’s treasure.” The best solution would be to reconcile this division first, so we all agree what is harmful human behavior and what is good.

see the full project at thecureforgreed.com