Diamond in the Ruff


­­­­Happy to have spared all his fingers after years of working with a table saw, carpenter turned jewelry designer, Aaron Ruff made the decision to follow one of his childhood passions and fully pursue a career in jewelry making, under the pseudonym Digby and Iona.
“All my designs are historically based and inspired, I generally pick a time period or event and immerse my self in research until I have enough to design the collection. I had an obsession with archaeology since I was a kid. And I am a collector of many interesting and beautiful things. I keep one foot in the past and one foot in the future,” said Ruff.

Aaron Ruff is part of a group of super passionate characters, dubbed by Don Julio as “The Collective” or the Modern Day Don Julio’s, who have made very inspirational career shifts to follow their calling. Their stories are full of life and very relatable to all of us chasing a dream in this world where literally everything is possible.




If you’re not going to go the smart route of educating yourself, then go the blissfully ignorant route of just doing it.



See more from Digby and Iona, www.digbyandiona.com

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