DELS: Gob (David Andrew Sitek Remix)

Listen to “Gob (David Andrew Sitek Remix)” here

      1. DELS_GOB (David Andrew Sitek Remix)

I’ve been skimping on the hip-hop, and for that I apologize. There is a big wide world of music and DELS (aka Kieren Dickens) has made a splash in it. The English MC has one foot in hip-hop and the other curiously dipping in indie electronic tendencies, which explains his refreshing collaborations with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. In a frequently mono-stylistic genre, he seems to set himself apart with a playful sound and a distinguishable desire to be different. His carnal synths can be enjoyed in his May-released debut album, GOB and today’s song of the same name. Sitek, of TV and the Radio, added his funk-influenced remix touch, which I’ll venture to guess is the catchy lady input throughout the track. Enjoy the beats!