Day 2 on Covertible Shoes : “Goodie 2 Shoes”

I found a concept I introduced yesterday that I told you I was very fond of, so I’m running with it. Convertible shoes seem to be an upcoming trend for the future of footwear. Designers are assuming that a new need for multi-functionality is becoming more of a need or desire and these are a few of their reactions to this need. Designer of  Goodie 2 Shoes, Natalie Thorne has created a very futuristic looking shoe that has an adjustable heel. The height transition is made possible by… a quick and easy male and female peg system secured by strong magnets and a hidden hinge.The whole look and feel of the shoe can be altered by the interchangeable plastic uppers. These customisable uppers are attached using snap fixings, which allows them to be easily clipped on and off, replacing them with uppers of different shapes, colours and styles.

Via Yanko Design