David Ericsson’s Product Design

A beautifully crafted and designed collection of furniture by Swedish industrial designer David Ericsson, called “Carl Malmsten Made Me Do It”. Carl Malmsten was the university Ericsson attended and this was his thesis project.

“The aim with this work is to try to create processes and products deriving from humanist values. I have developed a humanistic design manifesto that I relate to in my work and based on it, I make wise choices. In order to verify the work process, I have tried to answer to various philosophical choices, choice of materials, choice of cultural values and choices in life that I have as a human being” said Ericsson.

“I have chosen material that the consumer can put in his compost after end of life. All local materials nearby Stockholm. All the prototypes are in wood/linen and natural tanned leather.”






via Kitka

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