Dave’s Quality Meat [New York]


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* In 2002 Kyle Demers opened Dave’s Quality Meat (DQM), and created what he calls a ‘local destination’ for his crew of biker, skater, and straight up lurking dudes. Designed as a butcher shop to give the idea of fresh product, DQM offers hard-to-score Nike kicks and a highly edited-to-taste apparel selection in the Bowery. A visit to Dave’s Quality Meat will have you salivating over seasoned labels like DQM, Huf, Reining Champ, Vans, Reason, Real Mad Hectic, and Plain Gravy.

Amongst the saran wrapped tees and plastic lettuce cooler case, NY kids can find ‘a piece of the lifestyle’. DQM crew has a strict eye for street style and nothing but the choice cuts make it past the counter. Part neighborhood base camp, part museum-quality diorama and a dash of actual retail establishment, the DQM hangout is one of the area most pertinent trademark’s for street style.


Dave’s Quality Meat




7 East 3rd St. New York , NY 10003.
Phone 212.505.7551