Data Romance : Bones

Splitting differences can be a challenge. But the paradox-loving duo of Data Romance are up for it. Indeed, they send analog textures careening through digital soundscapes, use futuristic instrumentation to tell time-tested, heart-on-sleeve stories, and offer up a brand of music that owes equal debts to the bewitching female-fronted indie pop of Bat For Lashes and the grinding, emotionally-charged electronica of Moderat or Nine Inch Nails.

More than a simple band, the Vancouver-based pair formed out of an online collaboration, and grew into a daring unit willing to flex their artistic muscles whenever possible. After all, since forming only two short years ago, they’ve already composed a film score and collaborated on multi-media video and art projects with artists from Brazil, New Delhi, Italy, France, New York and LA. Relying on the Monome, an iPad-sized push-button LED box of blips, bleeps, bloops and percussive thuds, the sound created by Ajay Bhattacharyya and Amy Kirkpatrick is decidedly their own. Bones, their most recent EP, out this month, is a brave, alternating icy and warm, collection of challenging compositions and masterful pop. And for the cheap ones out there you can download the EP for free from there site by simply paying with a tweet. Crank up and enjoy.

Listen To “Bones” Here

      1. Data Romance - Bones