Cut Chemist: Povo De Santo

What do you get when you combine a mixer, one turntable, a loop pedal, and an extensive collection of records with African roots? That would be Cut Chemist’s latest album, Sound of the Police (released late July 2010). The approach is much less equipped than its predecessor and truly displays his turntable talents. His spinning skills were recorded in a show last year, opening for Ethiopian artist Mulatu Astatke, which he felt deserved to be experienced by all lovers of the artistry of DJing. And so the CD was made. His passion for worldly tastes shines through with sounds ranging from Colombian, Sudanese and Afro-Brazilian styles. “Povo De Santo” pays tribute to retro Brazilian music with plenty of hip-hop flavor–straight from what Cut calls his “soul kitchen”–that you’ll want to eat up. Bon appetit!

Listen to “Povo De Santo” Here

      1. Povo De Santo