TrendHome: Cube 5 Villa by Naco [Shanghai]

A 1920s Villa from Shanghai fully reconverted in a modern luxurious and High Tech private home by Naço Architectures. The key elements of the original style were kept (such as the roof edges and timber flooring) but the reconversion shows an equipped contemporary villa. Each function is represented by a “cube”, made of different materials everytime: a marble cube for the 1st bathroom, a black stone cube for the second one. A glass cube on the garden facade and a wood cube at the street entrance. On the roof, few terraces interlock each other, so that the visitor is always lost between the inside and the outside

Marcelo Joulia, Naço Owner said: The objective was to create in Asia a house intended for Europeans. To design a family home open on the outside, but which is at the same time a refuge, protected from the bad weather and aggressions from the city. It was necessary obviously that the house is luminous, ventilated. These last points are my trademark “

CLIENT | Private Owner
TYPE | Architecture + Interior + Landscape + Furniture Design
LOCATION | Shanghai China
TIME | 2009