CTRL SS10 1-1

CyanaTrendLand [via Alaia Izabela] provides the first internet leak of CTRL‘s SS10 collection. The lookbook is incredibly large [at around 112 pages, no joke] but the colors, styling, photography, and models keep you hungrily flipping right through to the very end. Abundant are subtle acid wash denims in coral and black, as well as cropped and non-cropped jeans in plain black or white for both women and men.

CTRL SS10 2-1

CTRL never fails to come up with clever comical prints for their pieces that can sometimes be a bit of a riddle [see: ‘MISSING U’ tank and sweater dress and ‘MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER’ baseball tee]. There is an obvious inspiration from the sea what with all the anchors anchoring themselves upon the fronts of hoodies, shirts, and dresses. Freeman told XLR8R Magazine that “Love and happiness. So be it.” will be big in 2009 so with all the hearts floating around this collection, it seems love will be big yet again in 2010. Here’s an exclusive look at a few of the get-ups Freeman put together for the sun that will follow the snow come 2010.

CTRL SS10 2-2

CTRL SS10 3-1

CTRL SS10 3-2

CTRL is, ironically, so in control that their pieces are actually out of control on the cool scale. This is a brand with much versatility; it can go from playful prints to preppy prince in just the turn of a page. There may be a plain black sweater and a classic button-up then out of nowhere pretty particolor leggings and some drop-crotch pants with vibrant geometric tesselations scattered about. Denim overalls for the girls have been brought back in this line too, bringing one back to the 90’s but this time with a more femininely mature cut and silhouette plus a front zip detail. For this season they’ve also come out with panties, underwear, a poncho, and some sure-to-be highly coveted shades.

CTRL SS10 4-1

CTRL SS10 4-2

CTRL SS10 5-1

CTRL SS10 5-2

CTRL SS10 6-1

CTRL SS10 6-2

CTRL SS10 7-1

CTRL SS10 7-2

CTRL SS10 8-1

CTRL SS10 8-2

CTRL SS10 9-1

CTRL SS10 9-2

‘WAYCOOL’ shades in collaboration with Sabre coming soon!

CTRL SS10 10-1

CTRL SS10 10-2

CTRL SS10 12-1

CTRL SS10 12-2

CTRL SS10 13-1

CTRL SS10 13-2

CTRL SS10 14-1

CTRL SS10 14-2

CTRL SS10 15-2

CTRL SS10 16-2

CTRL SS10 17-1

CTRL SS10 17-2

CTRL SS10 18-1

CTRL SS10 18-2

Oh, and the price is right too. So very right.