Crystal Fighters: At Home

I have been hardcore crushing on the Crystal Fighters since I heard “At Home.” Maybe its the climactic chorus resembling The Cure-like/Arcade Fire ability to evoke emotion, or could it be the unavoidable daydreaming effect created by their use of Renaissance-esuqe Basque instruments, romantic lyrics, and dance-evoking, alive energy? The Spanish London-based 5 piece band inspire a euphoric feeling, which match their uplifting words–“lift me up and take me to the garden of paradise…I was running by your side. Alone by your side, I was flying.” Girlish notions of enchanting romance, satisfied.

2009 was a platform of success for the Spaniards, ending with an enormous response to their first single ever, XTATIC TRUTH, including a BBC Radio “Single Of The Week” title, and “Single Of The Week/Month” award by NME and Mixmag respectively. 2010 holds just as much promise for the hot new act. Just have a listen for yourself to their October-released album, Star of Love, which features our song of the day! Oh, and just a friendly WARNING: may cause involuntary urge to frolic sans-cloths through green pastures.

Listen to “At Home” Here

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