Crystal Castles: Kerosene

      3. Kerosene

      4. Sad Eyes


Crystal Castles are back with their third full length album, (III), produced entirely by Ethan Kath, who creates a sound experience much different from the previous two albums (I) and (II)  by trading in the keyboards and pedals used in (I) and (II). By banning computers near the sound studio, the recordings were completely finished using tape.

(III) has a great combination of heaviness and non-pounding dance music that gives the body a sense of chill spells. Alice Glass reverses those dark feelings from her unexpected calm voice. As (III) unfolds, the various tracks will take you to extreme heights and equal lows, as you enter the sometimes afflicted, and often polarized world that is Crystal Castles.

Written by Guest Blogger Christina Barco

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