Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander : Walking Home

“Walking Home” is a unique testament to the experimental-ism of music. The underlying deep house sound of Swiss producers Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander takes on an interesting feeling when it is combined with an infectious acoustic guitar riff and a poetic, indie, folk-like vocal. Its effect is almost hypnotic, putting the listener in somewhat of a trance with a repetitive house overtone and then bringing you in and out of awareness with the its groovy soulful lyrics. Somehow this  talented duo has managed to avoid the mainstream radar, as do many producers who stay within their own genre niche, but with this track they show not only their own versatility but the versatility of any genre when implemented appropriately. Big ups to my sis for this one!

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      1. 13 Walking Home (Radio Edit)

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Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander