Tsilli Pines bad Credit infographic

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Tsilli Pines Piece Pie infographic


Left : Piece Pies


In this charming series of hand crafted infographics Artist Tsilli Pines is interested in the power numbers have in our lives, and how much they dictate, both psychologically and actually. This series is about the topography of money in human consciousness, the constant parade of numbers in everyday life. The figures are at once imaginary and very real. The color palette is intentionally restricted to red and black: the colors of accounting.

Tsilli Pines risk Tolerance infographic




Tsilli Pines fruit Of Our Labor infographic


Fruits of our Labor


Tsilli Pines finance Charges infographic


Finance Charges


Tsilli Pines k infographic


Tsilli Pines balloon Payments infographic


Balloon Payments

Tsilli Pines compounding infographic



Tsilli Pines cooking Books infographic


Cooking Books

Tsilli Pines budgeting infographic



Tsilli Pines Bottom Line infographic


Botton Line

Tsilli Pines annual Report inforgaphic


Annual Report

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