The Cooking Faces Portraits of Enora Lalet

Young visual artist from Bordeaux, Enora Lalet has been shooting ‘Cooking Faces’ for some years now. Pop icons, sweetened, magnified to the glory of food on earth. Her Ethno urban tribal portraits with crazy perspectives, are an invitation, a caress that, like a delicious scent, draws you into her lair. Through her exquisite photographic series and the magic of body painting, culinary design, sewing, and live installation, she creates an almost anthropological work, highlighting the many cultures of the world. After that we’ll start to find traditional cooking pictures boring now!

Combining disciplinary genres and intersecting techniques, from couture to dance, from body painting to cooking, Enora Lalet’s work extends into living installation and performance through ephemeral costumes and stage productions. Food is the material of choice for her work, which gives to his hybrid and dreamlike creations, from photography to installation, important cultural and anthropological dimensions.

She has now taken part in the making of cooking books for social associations in favour of children and also in gastronomy festivals in France. Today she makes international art residences (New Delhi, 2015 and Java, 2017) where traditional skills, the body and the gastronomy intertwine in alive sour pictures.

“Pop icons, glorifying food and earth, the question could be: are we what we eat? Her off-the-chain portraits, flesh and sauce, lips and coulis, colour and optical brilliance, exquisite pheromones, are ad libitum variations which ensnare and chain the senses.”

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