Converse Launches ‘Lovejoy’ Art Auction on Paddle 8

Converse is auctioning 48 original artworks by 22 global artists as part of their mission to inspire creatives and support the artistic community. These pieces were housed and showcased at the Converse in Boston since the brand’s relocation to Lovejoy Wharf this past May. Displayed throughout seven floors of the Converse headquarters, the artwork both inspired and fueled the creativity of Converse’s employees, helping them explore and push the creative boundaries of the brand. This is Converse’s first Lovejoy Art Program auction, starting its preview week on April 11th and officially opening on April 18th through May 2nd.


Tistan Eaton

The artwork will be auctioned on Paddle8 and 100% of the proceeds will go toward supporting Artists for Humanity in Boston, a non-profit offering paid employment in the arts to underserved youth. Some of the artists in the series include Futura, Ben Eine, Niels “SHOE” Meulman and Dan Witz as well as established artists Aaron De La Cruz, AJ Fosik, Amy Woodside and many more!

AJ Fosik

“At Converse we owe so much to artists and their abundant creativity,”

said David Carrewyn, Global Creative Brand Director at Converse. “The Converse Lovejoy Art Program is an amazing opportunity for us to both give back to the creative community and offer all artists a platform to showcase their work.” This is the company’s first Lovejoy Art Program, but luckily not its last. Converse is proud to say they will be hosting another auction next year.

Aaron De LA Cruz

Jeff Soto


Amy Woodside

Judith Supine

Ben Eine

James Dalek Marshall

Marco Zamora

Kenji Nakayama

Mary Iverson

Sophie Roach