Contained Street Art by Ox

OX is a French artist who explores the restrictions of the canvas itself. Using bold color and flowing form, the artist makes artworks that cannot be contained by a single bound space.

Ox’s approach to art can be described as toeing the line between painting and sculpture, his works appear to be two dimensional yet they often spill from the canvas or walls to invade the viewer’s space, confronting ideas of boundaries and audience.


OX has been involved with art since 1983, when he was studying at the Arts Deco School of Paris. He started by designing collages, which he pasted all over his hometown. He, then, incorporated painting into his work. Inspired by pop culture, and mockery, OX makes art which engages with the public. He is a provocateur who finds beauty in bad taste.

His work will be part of a group show opening at the end of this week at Fabien Castanier Gallery. Read more about it.