conscious kitchen lunch pellegrino

Conscious Kitchen

conscious kitchen lunch pellegrino

Cheers to Conscious Kitchen and good friends setting out to make a big difference in how we eat!


Last week we shared a Corn-Mint Pesto Tortellini in Heirloom Tomato Fondue recipe created for us by Executive Chef Nicholas Torrent of Conscious Kitchen. Today we wanted to share that whole meal with you and tell you more about Conscious Kitchen’s mission.


When San Pellegrino asked us to “Practice the Art of Fine Food”, we really took that as an opportunity to learn something new ourselves.

conscious kitchen lunch pellegrino


The food industry as we know it has been in the spotlight more so than almost any other industry in the last few years. Chefs are the new celebrities, food is the new art and restaurants are the new destinations. With such an emphasis on food its no wonder that we are starting to see companies like Conscious Kitchen come to life.


People are more educated and more mindful than ever about the foods they eat. More and more you hear people asking when they order or buy food where it came from and how it was processed. Questions few people had or dared to ask 10-15 years ago, when ordering food.


Conscious Kitchen is a private chef placement agency that specializes in serving delicious, plant-based natural foods through a culinary program designed specifically to each individuals needs.

conscious kitchen lunch pellegrino


When we asked Nicolas, who has built an impressive foundation in natural health and continues to study the latest clinical work alongside some of the worlds most influential chefs and respected pioneers in both the naturopathy and natural health communities, why he thought he could create a business model out of this, his answer was quite simple.

Conscious Kitchen fills a huge gap and overwhelming demand for chefs that actually understand nutrition and the health relevance within the cuisine, as well as live the lifestyle.


conscious kitchen lunch pellegrino

Nicholas described the 3-course meal he cooked for us as “decadent raw food meal, inspired by traditional Italian flavors”, something he would really only do for a special occasion. Though quite filling he says, “It is definitely more nutritious and easier to digest than the cooked versions of these types of foods.”

We started the meal with a raw variation of a traditional Primi Piatti (first course) Caprese Salad which he called Handmade Black Truffle Macadamia Ricotta Caprese. It was shocking how much the texture of the “Ricotta” and even the taste to some degree resembled real cheese.

Our lunch concluded with the sweet taste of his version of a Tiramisu Mousse. Three layers, all handmade- The Traditional Espresso, Mascarpone Creme, & Amaretto flavors of a Tiramisu, all non-dairy and made fresh.

conscious kitchen lunch pellegrino


When you have fresh organic ingredients, the meal, as most raw dishes, highlight the simplicity of the beautiful ingredients, without having to manipulate them. Our palettes have been conditioned to overly cooked and heavily condimented food, this is generally to mask the poor quality of ingredients.


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All Photography by Elliot Black

All Tableware Courtesy of Seletti

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Practice the Art of Fine Food, every time you can.