Conchita Perez’s Invisible Warriors

Praised by Karl Lagerfeld and trained by none other than the late great Alexander McQueen, Conchita Perez is quickly carving her own niche within the fashion industry. The London-based designer, who’s worked for several top labels, as well as created costumes for various films and theater productions, is best known for her expert tailoring and workmanship. And, having grown up in a creative family wearing clothes straight from her mother’s dress shop, Conchita’s eponymous line naturally infuses an exciting dose of playful design and couture detailing


In fact, after two collection showings just this year—a F/W 2011/12 Collection entitled Invisible Warriors for London Fashion Week, and a S/S 2012 Collection during Paris Fashion Week—Conchita’s all set for even busier seasons to come.


“Next year is going to be a very exciting year for us. We’ll be presenting in both London and Paris. Shows are a very important part of the label. It becomes a physical experience,” she says in an interview for Hint magazine. “Inspirations are never-ending. I look at art, music, cultures, people on the street. When I ride the Tube or when I’m at a party, it’s a passion that I live out 24/7.”



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