Conceptual Sex Toys: Smile Makers

What puts a smile on your face?  Is it the thought of a Millionaire sweeping you off your feet?  Maybe it’s the sexy linguistics of a Frenchman, or the forehand stroke of your Tennis Coach… no matter your fantasy, this new range of vibrators from Ramblin Brands is here to cater to it.  Coming across the range of Smile Makers certainly made me smile. I don’t know what did it more, the thought of the concept developing in the boardroom, the cheeky cartoons drawn for the brand identity, the Fantasy Man generator on the product’s website, or that perhaps the brand mission of making females smile clearly is doing its job and I haven’t even tried one out yet. Altogether, a very well thought out and well timed product considering 2012 boasted record breaking sex toy sales.  The Millionaire, The Tennis Coach, The Frenchman and The Firefighter are all available now, check out the company’s notes on each below.

The Firefighter: A hard-nosed happiness gadget with flaps for extra stimulation.

The Frenchman: A super-soft glee contraption to tease all external erogenous zones.


The Millionaire: A bullet-type joy creator that can be used internally as well as externally.

The Tennis Coach: A smile maker for g-spot stimulation.


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Published December 18, 2012

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