Computer Magic: Teenage Ballad (High School)

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      1. 04 Teenage Ballad (High School)

Computer Magic is Danz, a young American who not only just recently received the right to legally drink alcohol, but also released her debut EP, Hiding From Our Time. Although she has denied any special meaning of her alias, her electronic-pop sound seems to truly be made by computer magic. Her songs feel light-hearted and whimsical with attention-grabbing, meaningful lyrics (like those inspired by Geore Orwell’s 1984–“Electric Fences”) and faintly tropical vibes. Blissful and youthful, “Teenage Ballad (High School)” lends listeners a look into the everyday worries of growing up, parental  defiance, and the desire for freedom. Who couldn’t relate?

Coming from speck-on-the-map Rock Hill, New York to the Big Apple, though, she has grown up quite a bit. Now, she’s making delicate, yet bubbly boudoir tunes for our listening pleasure and is one of the newest artist additions to White Iris Records. She might just end up being your newest addition to your music library and favorites!

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