Collection Magazine [Australia]

A new Australian luxury publication has seen the day: Collection Magazine. A new mag offering readers a new experience. An experience not available through the monthly, trend driven glossy magazines. Collection exemplifies the tangible; touch, engage, frame, keep. Since the launch on March 10th 2011 readers have been tearing, collating, filing, sticking and tacking the finely perforated pages of Collection high-fashion editorials.

Initially released in the form of a brief, every issue of Collection is developed through a narrative. If you can dream it, you can do it, was the starting point for Collection, so, fittingly, Issue One follows this theme.

From the aesthetics of dreams to those who have taken a chance and followed their creative passion, Issue One encompasses intangible ideas and dreams brought to life on the printed page. Issue Two, due to be released July, will once again take readers on a journey they can indulge in – A Portrait of Decadence.

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