Coinonia Collection

COINONIA is a women’s luxury fashion label directed by duo designers, Momoko Hashigami from Japan and Kiho Kim from Korea. They established COINONIA in 2010, Milan and launched their first 2010F/W collection in Paris. They have since been showing their collections at TRANOI, Paris and in Seoul.

Momoko Hashigami majored in international studies at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, then studied fashion design and techniques at Tokyo Bunka Fashion College. She graduated from the women’s wear department of Central St Martin’s, London. While studying she gained work experiences at John Galliano and other Paris fashion houses. She participated in several international competitions including ITS4. After graduating she worked at Antonio Marras in Italy.

Kiho Kim graduated from Hangseung University in Seoul. Then he studied pattern making at Carlo Secoli in Milan and fashion design at Polimoda in Florence. During his study he participated in several international competitions including ITS3. After finishing his studies he worked at Antonio Marras in Italy. The name is inspired by the Greek concept of “Koinonia” – sharing, relationship, and communication. It is an idealized state of relationship, an idea of harmonized participation in a team. COINONIA is a label of two designers collaborating as a team while sharing their creativity, passion, and phylosophy for fashion and life. They wish to create COINONIA also among its associates and clients, and between the garment and the wearer giving new ideas to everyday life.

COINONIA’s universal theme is creating ‘Conceptual Contemporary’ garment and accessory for creative women. All the collection pieces are first created on the mannequins to be given a life and story by hand under a seasonal concept. Experimental and architectural shape, dynamic cutting, and sensitive details and colors are then introduced to define their characters. Narrative and conceptual mood is always there as the essence of their works. Feminine but masculine, still but dynamic, tender but hard… These contradictions and paradoxes are the source of their creations to give a birth to new designs.

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