Claudio Parmiggiani’s Paradoxical Views

On exhibit now at the Bartolami Gallery in New York is a selection of Italian artist Claudio Parmiggiani’s work. Employing powder, fire, soot and smoke to create silhouette imprints on wood and paper, Parmiggiani uses traditional Catholic symbols to depict the paradox of people, particularly artists, who choose to create their own narrative and strive to explore the geography of their time.


Other of his pieces on display use plaster casts of classical sculptures stained with pigment and arranged with symbolic images such as stacks of books, birds’ nests and butterflies. A strong undercurrent of the 1960’s Arte Povera movement, a backlash to Italian conservative artistic culture and society, is evident throughout Parmiggiani’s work. Anyone who endeavors to cultivate a singularly unique expression while keeping it relevant in both the blueprint of history and present day context will appreciate his thought provoking pieces.






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